Job Searching During a Pandemic..Mission IMPOSSIBLE

I have found that over the last 4 months, I have witnessed thousands of lives being absolutely destroyed by this virus. Lives lost, jobs lost, the economy suffering..the devastation is endless. I left my role in healthcare (HR) just 2 months shy of the pandemic. Had I known what was coming may or may not have influenced my decision. In retrospect, I made the decision to be home more for my family and continue my education (MBA) even though I very much enjoy what I do. Human Resources is an intricate field, consisting of fairly simple days of helping people to being absolutely exhausted and feeling like you want to walk out the door and never return.

However, my love of helping those around me is why I have continued to stay for nearly 10 years within this field. During my time off, I have contemplated many times changing directions in my career to feed my passion for writing. But how? Is it truly possible to do this after so long and even more so, during a pandemic? I have been lost in this thought throughout the entire holiday weekend. I am internally conflicted. Wait it out and job search once this is all said and done or go for it now and stay within the same field as before? As a wife and mother, our society ingrains in us to ALWAYS put others first. Our family, friends, coworkers, manager, etc. But at the end of the day, I can’t help but wonder.. is a life truly worth living if it is only lived for the happiness of others?

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