Back to School or not..THAT is the real question

As I write this, I have noticed many parents on social media (and rightfully so) conflicted on whether to send their children back to school in the Fall or not. While I do fall into this category as well (somewhat), I have always been a very black and white person. Always. And because of this and the type A personality that has plagued me since childhood, I find any area of life considered to be in the “grey” area absolutely draining and wasteful.

However, my opinion on this is like most parents wanting the best for their children. How can we possibly send our children back to school not knowing whether it is safe for them to return? How can we implement these precautions in our daily lives, yet send our most prized possessions to a place that could potentially kill them? I am flabbergasted. No, really. Truly flabbergasted. I know mentally and emotionally, families are feeling the negative effects of quarantine (us included.) Yet, in times like these I take my strength, even on my worst days, and give a little to my family so we can keep moving forward. I am fortunate my husband has a great career that allows him to support our family comfortably, with the option for him to work from home if needed. Yet, my heart breaks for the teachers, nurses, truck drivers, etc that MUST show up to work every day to keep our nation running and food in their families tummies.

With such confusion and division in our country, I can only hope when that day comes, we as parents will NOT feel the inevitable guilt of doing what is best for OUR family. At the end of the day, isn’t that all we can really do? Stay positive, practice safe social distancing, and love one another as if tomorrow may never come.

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