2021..Here We Come

As 2020 comes to an end, I can’t help but think back to the beginning of the year. When the world was calm, full of hope, and ever so clear. As we inch closer to 2021, I, (like many others I’m sure) are apprehensive of what is to come. As ironic as it seems, most would agree nothing (and I mean nothing) could top 2020 in the list of terrible years thus far. Am I right? So much tragedy, heartache, devastation, and pain has filled this year. Even I, a profoundly positive person, found myself having to dig DEEP for inner strength I never even knew existed. With this breakdown, (or so I call it, as I sit sobbing on the floor in my closet in May-June) a new idea was born.

Initially, this blog was solely created as an outlet during the one of the hardest times I have ever faced as a parent struggling through a pandemic with three children and a husband to care for. Waking up each morning with the most intense weight on my shoulders was excruciating. However, it was this weight that turned my blog into something much more than words; it actually brought me comfort, peace, and hope in what often felt like a sad and lost world. While 2020 has been hard, it has also brought about clarity and strength that truly wasn’t there before.

As of now, 2021 for me will be different. I know it sounds repetitive but to whoever is reading this understand one thing; tomorrow is never promised. All we have is today. So from me to you..love hard, pursue your passions (whatever they may be), and never lose hope that there are brighter days coming. I hope my words will inspire you to smile, keep moving forward, and appreciate all life has to offer. Because in the end, all we truly have is each other.

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