My name is Terin and I am:

A Freelance Writer/Blogger, graduate student pursuing an MA in English and Creative Writing, creative outside of the box thinker, and a voracious reader and writer.

My personal blog was created as an outlet to showcase how I navigate life through quarantine, allowing readers to resonate with the same struggles we all face; seek a healthy work/life balance, stay sane as many aspire to change directions within a career, and work to raise a family (all while finishing college degrees to make BIG dreams become a reality.)

Recently, I have decided to move in a different direction and pursue my life long passion of working in Journalism, preferably in Publishing.

Follow along on my journey as I navigate life through quarantine seeking a healthy work/life balance, stay sane as I aspire to change directions within my career, work to raise 3 strong willed teens, finish a graduate degree (in my mid 30’s no less), and somehow keep my 20 year marriage thriving. Whew, that was tiring. 


What I Do

Blogging: Lifestyle, Parenting, Health/Wellness

What I Offer

Quality Content
Accuracy AP Style


Writer/Contributor @ JMedia Corp.


Writer/Contributor that assists with 2-4 articles per month. The integral internal component of our content is aimed at women and other marginalized individuals. We aim to harness, empower, and unleash this dynamic group on the world through their contribution and creativity. It is of the utmost importance to create the infrastructure and framework that will educate future generations of these groups.

JMedia’s main focus is investigative pieces and underserved communities such as women and people of color, covering topics like disparities in healthcare, the criminal justice system, housing, etc.

Coverage also includes spotlight profiles on individuals who are making a difference within their communities. Follow us @jmediacorp.com

Freelance Writer/Blogger

2018 – Present

Freelance Writer/Contributor covering different aspects or Journalism including blogging, proofreading/editing, web site (Marketing) content creation.

Creator of personal blog covering Lifestyle, Parenting, Work/Life balance, and Health/Wellness. Also covering personal stories including social injustices stemming from racism, sexism in the workplace, and lack of female empowerment.

Follow me @ https://terin-benavente.medium.com

Let’s make something together.

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